1. What this group is about?
Our group focus on supporting potentially depressed and depressed people at the workplace who has problem in their relationship and express themselves.
This involves minimizing harm, boosting protecting factors, and having certain cultures that are favorable to mental wellbeing. We know that this is not just helpful for individuals in the workplace, but also very good for business.
In our community, we give the same work opportunities to people struggles with mental health as everyone else, where the contribution of individuals with a mental health difficulty and those who care for them is maximized, providing meaning and connection in their lives, high productivity, and economic rewards for business and society at large.
2. How big is this issue for employers?
Mental health problem contributes for 19.8 % of Australia’s total fund on disease and are estimated to costs the government as much as $40 billion annually due to lack or lost of productivity and labour participation. The cost to businesses for mental disorder itself is $24.3 billion a year.
One in five adults or 3.2 million Australians will experience a mental health difficulty in any year. Nearly half of the Australian adult population will experience a mental health difficulty at some point in their lives. We will all have at least one in our family, friend or colleague who experience a mental disorder issue or encounter some form of mental health problem ourselves.
If you are in a business with say ten employees, there’s a good chance, at least, one is living with a mental illness. If you are in a larger workplace, the figure would be nearer to one in five.
Unfortunately, many workers are pushed away indirectly from their job because of environmental pressure and anxiety, instead of physical injury. There are many things that can be done by the employer to change these statistics and this is what our community and Our Guidelines are all about.