The Fantastic Four’s Guide to Plastic Surgery


When you think of plastic surgery, you don’t automatically think of the Fantastic Four. However, if you think about it a little harder, these guys and plastic surgery could go hand in hand. A bunch of cosmic rays transformed them into superheros who can change their form at will. They might not need to spend thousands of pounds or go under the knife every time they do it, but they like to change the way they look all the same!


Reed Richards, AKA Mr Fantastic


Reed Richards probably has the superpower that most women and some men would give their souls for given half the chance. He can stretch and reshape his body at will. Imagine being able to do that yourself. You could make yourself taller or shorter. You could add weight or lose weight. You could make subtle changes, like getting rid of the bump in your nose. You could give yourself a full on plastic surgery makeover without having to spend a dime. You probably wouldn’t want to do it to the lengths that Mr Fantastic can do it, but chances are you’d be pretty pleased with the results. It’s probably a good job you can’t do this though, as it could give you a serious case of body dysmorphia if you’re not careful. If you feel that strongly about an area of your body that you’d like to change, there’s nothing wrong with visiting a regular plastic surgeon. Trusted plastic surgery consultants in the Perth area can assess you and let you know if you’re a good candidate for surgery. You need to be in the right frame of mind before you go through with it, which is why you need to have a few interviews first. Once they’re sure you’re in the right frame of mind and they can make improvements, you can go ahead with your procedure! You need to be realistic about the results, of course. All results are supposed to look natural and subtle, so don’t expect to have somebody else’s face afterwards. Surgeons can only work with what you have, they aren’t super heroes themselves!


Susan Storm AKA The Invisible Woman


If you’re familiar with the Fantastic Four, then you’ll know that Susan Storm can turn herself and other objects invisible. This is something I’m guessing they’re still working on in terms of plastic surgery. You can’t disappear altogether yet. Why would you want to though, if you feel good about yourself? Don’t hide; enhance your appearance and show yourself off! If there’s something bugging you, there’s always something you can do to fix it.

Ben Grimm AKA The Thing


Ben Grimm pretty much drew the short straw of the whole thing if you ask us. Sure he has superhuman strength and can tackle pretty much anything, but he has been permanently transformed into a…thing. He doesn’t even resemble a human anymore. That’s another thing plastic surgery addicts can relate to! By doing a simple search on Google, you can find so many celebrities that have taken plastic surgery too far. Some have had abs installed in an attempt to look fit, yet they end up looking a bit like a Ninja Turtle. Some have bum implants, but it does nothing to shape the rest of their body, and it can look unnatural in some cases. Some people have so much work done to their face that it looks frozen, shiny, melted…just not right! Plastic surgery can be an amazing confidence booster if used for good and not for evil. Having a few issues fixed here and there, taking time between procedures and listening to your surgeon’s advice is a must. Having multiple procedures in a short amount of time, especially on the same body parts over and over will do you no favours. People won’t recognise you, and eventually you won’t like what you see in the mirror. You will most definitely start to resemble a ‘thing’. This is why all plastic surgery procedures, no matter how big or small should be researched properly. You should know the risks. You might think they won’t happen to you, but there’s always a chance. You need to listen to your surgeon’s advice, both before and after the procedure. You need to learn how to love yourself regardless of your flaws, or you might even start to use plastic surgery as a comfort blanket. We won’t name any names, but there are enough pictures out there to put you off doing that. Be sensible, and plastic surgery can enhance your beauty rather than transform you into something unrecognisable.




Dr Franklin Storm

Dr Franklin Storm is the father of Susan and Johnny Storm. In different depictions of the Fantastic Four he has different jobs, but sometimes he’s a surgeon. That means Susan and Johnny have the perfect person to go to if they ever need sound advice on their plastic surgery endeavours. Turning invisible and setting yourself on fire is all well and good, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t deeply
self conscious about your nose. Know what I mean? The good news is you don’t need a plastic surgeon as a father to get sound advice. Most consultations with surgeons are free of charge. You’ll learn all about the risks, which will help you to decide whether going through with this surgery is a good idea. You’ll learn what the surgeons expect they can do for you too, as it will vary from patient to patient. This is also the part where surgeons will assess you to make sure you’re in the right frame of mind. Whatever you do, research your surgeon to make sure they are reputable. Going somewhere simply because they are cheap could have disastrous consequences. Much like many of the Fantastic Four’s endeavours. Not that they don’t always come out on top, of course.


Hopefully this post has given you some insight into both plastic surgery and the Fantastic Four. You can never be too careful when making a decision like this!

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